Circuit Training

Circuit Training

Daniel Chung
Co-Founder of Peak Performance Group(New Territories Bootcamp)

Daniel started his involvement in the fitness industry upon his return to Hong Kong, after spending most of his life in Vancouver. He had always had a passion for improving health and fitness through a positive change in lifestyle, as he has experienced that himself and strives to influence those around him to make positive changes as well. Since getting certified with NASM(National Academy of Sports Medicine), Daniel has worked with a number of clients to improve body composition, increase strength and mobility, and improve the quality of life through taking on an active lifestyle. Daniel also competed in the 2015 HKCBBA (Hong Kong China Body Building Association) Men’s Physique Competition and was placed as 1st runner up. Through the process of preparing for his first competition, Daniel has gained valuable experience regarding nutrition and fat loss.

Passion in Life (PIL)將每個月為大家提供刺激、熱血、好玩、流行的體適能訓練。令次訓練都由不同的註冊導師配以不同主題進行,為壓力極大的香港人帶點生活快樂及釋放。

時間:7:30pm-9:00pm 及9:00pm-10:00pm 兩節

1st session:Circuit Training by DANIEL CHUNG


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