Q: Why should I choose FittyGang?

A: FittyGang, a.k.a. the Asia’s best and most reliable online fitness platform, our professional team can help you to promote the best services and brands in town.

Your prospective clients can easily sort out your best tailored services from our giant database and thus your time spent on dealing with so many unrelated enquiries would be reduced.

At the same time, our interactive feedback system can help you to understand your clients’ expectations, needs and comments clearly so that you can swiftly improve your quality of service by noticing your weak spot.

Last but certainly not least, we offer you cost-effective marketing, advertising and branding services so that you can allocate more resources and time on optimizing clients’ experience.

Q: I have just started my business and I don’t have a huge budget, can I still join FittyGang?

A: Absolutely yes! It doesn’t cost you a single penny to join our FittyGang family.

However, we do care about your brand and your business thus we provide many value-added services (e.g. Advertising, Marketing, Branding, Event, Exhibition, Matching and Referral services…etc). Do contact our team to get more inspiration and let us explore every possibility with you!

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Q: How can my brand be searched on FittyGang?

A: You are welcomed to become one of our members by clicking the button at the top left corner. Just simply fill-in the information, the more accurate the info you provide, the better result in marketing promotion can be achieved, letting your prospective clients get to know you easily through our comprehensive database.

Q: Who is FittyGang’s targeted client?

A: We endeavor to be the best and wide-customer-based online platform which specializes in Sports and Fitness. There should be no boundary or restriction for pursuing a healthy lifestyle. However, the existing platforms are too narrow and most of them do not cater to certain groups of people including athletes, women, the elders etc. Seeing this, FittyGang would like to build a completely new online platform and strive to be the best of its own kind.

Q: My life is so boring, there is no passion or motivation. Basically it sucks. How can I regain or create a good lifestyle?

A: FittyGang offers you a wide-range of information on a daily basis and we are working closely with various professionals in organizing events, workshops, lectures, competitions and more.

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Q: As an end-user, how can I benefit from FittyGang and find the right professionals?

A: You can basically find your coach/ trainer easily according to your budget, needs or personal requirements through our user-friendly matching system. You can quickly obtain information about your coach, for example experience, professions, age and qualification etc.

Q: Why was my comment deleted from the website?

A: To ensure the quality and reliability of every comment, our team will review ALL comments before we officially publish them online. At the same time, any third party can report unrelated comments and our team will remove that unqualified comment right after our investigation and carry out necessary follow-up actions.

Q: How does the ranking system work? How can I be the Top one?

A: The ranking of your profile is related but not restricted to users’ comments, number of views and our data etc.

Q: What should I do if I spot unqualified/ improper reviews?

A: You can use the function in our system. We will follow up on your request and assess if the comment need to be removed. Please log-in before you hit the button. Appropriate and accurate evidence will fasten our investigation process and your identity will be kept confidential throughout the entire process.

Q: What if I forget my password?

A: Click the button on the Log-in page, enter your user ID or registered email and we will send you the password retrieval procedure.