Bethesda Rehabiliation Services
場地/公司: Bethesda Rehabiliation Services
語言: Chinese, English,  
服務地區: Tsim Sha Tsui, 
專長: Physiotherapy, 
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簡介: We believe it is not easy to possess “good health”. Having good physical health, a rich and contented mind, and good mood seem to be an aspiration or a wish that many people in the city find it hard to achieve. In Bethesda, we aim to provide quality and efficient physiotherapy treatment and education to our clients, through a combination of detailed assessment, manipulation and manual therapy, acupuncture, exercise therapy and personal training that prove to be essential elements for the complete rehabilitation of our patients according to our years of experience. We specialize in the care and treatment of Spinal Disorders, Musculo-Skeletal Problems and Sports Injuries. We sincerely hope that our services could help our clients, in particular those suffering from spinal disorders, musculo-skeletal problems, and/or sports injuries, attain a healthier body, assisting them to achieve a healthy body and a healthy mind. 我們認為擁有“健康”殊不簡單。 身體健康,內心富足,心情愉快好比是每個城市人難以達到的願望。 從我們的經驗得知,只有為病人提供優質高效的治療和教育,透過詳細準確的診斷,並結合手法治療,針灸,運動療法和體適能訓練等必要元素,才能增加患者徹底康復的機會。 我們衷心希望患有脊柱疾病,運動損傷或肌肉與骨骼問題的病人,可以從恩泉復康治療中心得到適切幫助,以達成身心健康的願望。